Bombshell: iHeart, Entercom, Cumulus Furloughs Permanent

  • Enough already! Getting furloughed is not better than getting fired and you’re about to find out why (beyond the obvious).
  • This pox is on iHeart’s house as the lesser but troubled radio groups are following their furlough strategy to the T – a plague on all their houses.
  • Furloughed employees are about to get screwed (again) and here’s why radio groups are abandoning flat out firing for the slow torture of furloughing.
  • Entercom deviated from the iHeart plan at first and here’s why they won’t make that mistake again.
  • The ingenious iHeart “no fire strategy” that actually hides the furloughed – keep in mind that the other radio groups follow iHeart’s lead so this is notable.

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