Arbitron Knew of PPM Encoding Flaws


  • Exposed – this unbelievable evidence from a respected expert in audience measurement that Arbitron went ahead with PPM even though they knew it would hurt audience estimates. This will make you mad.
  • What Nielsen has up its sleeve with their Canadian counterpart (that licenses its PPM technology) banning encoded signal enhancer Voltair.
  • How Nielsen will handle the fact that loud music stations get their encoded signals recorded more than soft music, news or talk stations.
  • Hundreds of stations have invested $15,000 in a Voltair unit that improves the strength of their encoded signal – what is likely to happen to them.
  • The legal ramifications of Arbitron/Nielsen concealing evidence that PPM was flawed and should not have been brought to market.
  • For the first time – the actual degradation of each rating point using PPM compared to diaries that may just send advertisers running to streaming music services.

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