Apple & Twitter

All Tim Cook needed to do when he announced disappointing quarterly results this past week was to channel none other than our own media creepy clown Bob Pittman.

Talk about the many Apple platforms. 

The dominance.

Lie about the future.

And there you go.

Or for poor Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey who presides over one of the most beloved Internet innovations ever who had to actually suck up more losses, promise 9% layoffs and focus those layoffs on sellers (good grief!).

But a little touch of SpongeBob Bossy Pants and you would think that Twitter was out of the woods and ready to make money.

Even Mary Berner is not willing to do the Pittman shuffle when she will have to announce another losing quarter this November 8th.  And God knows Cumulus is taking it on the chin with its stock – down 0.5 to $1.55 yesterday – in anticipation of no good news.

So let’s see if we can cut through the optics and get down to the true future of Apple and Twitter because if we are to believe that 18-34 year old Millennials don’t want to listen to radio, then why are they starting to kill Apple and Twitter.

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