7 Things You Never Knew About Nielsen Ratings

Nielsen conducts your market’s ratings.

Nielsen advises on how to beat their own methodology – or at least get the most listeners you can.

For that, they charge a lot of money.

Here are 7 things you never knew about Nielsen ratings – and none of them costs a dime.

There is a better way to win audience without pandering to PPM.

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  1. The stat that you can get on your own with a reputable research company that has strong street market value for local sales.
  2. But if you must subscribe to Nielsen, a better way to get credit for the most quarter hours without running unlistenable commercial breaks.
  3. The strategic mistake that PPM subscribers are making that is killing their audience – in other words, win the ratings, lose the audience.
  4. The maximum humanly possible number of commercial units an hour with PPM that is safe to keep audiences from wandering to other stations or content sources.
  5. Shocking evidence about music sweeps that go into the next quarter hour to artificially inflate time spent listening (TSL).

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