65 Unnoticed iHeart Firings That Foretell the Future

As insane as it is to call mass firings “dislocations” and their replacements emanating from  “excellence centers”, here’s a significant series of firings that portends even more trouble ahead at iHeartMedia.

The math shows over 1,000 firings in a few days a little over a week ago.

Most of the victims were in programming, operations or were talent.

But not all – iHeart used the programming RIFs as a cover to eliminate other big salaries such as that of Jerry Schemmel, the ten-year veteran of Colorado Rockies play-by-play.  Obviously, Schemmel cannot be replaced by an “excellence center” or digital technology.

But there’s more.

Right in the midst of this massive programming RIF, iHeart chipped away at another source of unnecessary salaries and nobody has noticed.

Until now.

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