5 New Radio Owner Promises You Don’t Want To Fall For

The greedy bastards running most of the large radio groups are at it again.

5 new unbelievable cons to get employees to work for next to nothing.

I want to see the happy talk trade press put a smiley emoji on this!

Look at what they are trying that could come to a station near you.

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  1. New work rules that are so laughable except for the fact that they are true.
  2. Be on guard for this offer that seemingly will allow you to make more money – it’s rigged, as you’ll see.
  3. The motivation speech you never want to hear but Clear Channel employees got this earful last week. 
  4. The new Cumulus health care teaser.
  5. Guess what Clear Channel is making married couples do – no, not go to counseling – even more insulting.  
  6. With the largest layoff ever coming to Clear Channel within a few short months, here’s a scheme they are reportedly testing to get employees to work for less. 

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