14 Trends Affecting Independent Radio Stations

Debt is not one of them.

But the giant debt-ridden consolidators are affecting independent operators not only in direct head-to-head competition but by changes they are foisting upon radio.

If you’re iHeart, Cumulus, Entercom/CBS or one of the other big consolidators, you’re likely not going to need a refresher each year to keep up on radio industry trends because corporate does all the thinking.

But if you’re an independent operator, smaller group, regional broadcaster or someone who has to compete with consolidators like these, here’s the good news.

Independent-minded thinkers are the future of radio.

And, they’re not going bankrupt any time soon, either.

Consolidators are implementing programmatic ad buying because it is cheaper and allows them to ultimately reduce the number of sellers they pay commission too.

But the premium rates will go to independents that know how to reduce advertiser churn by making their ads more effective and thus more important.

Consolidators are moving to jock in the box type music formats that involve little talent and no local feel opening up opportunities to competitors to clean their clocks.

My Independent Radio Management Conference is focused on stations that find themselves competing with even more consolidation and it’s adverse affects on an industry.

So this conference is for you and your key people.

Here’s what you will come away with from this one-day seminar on topics currently trending in radio:

  1. How to Reduce High Advertiser Churn
  2. How to Defeat Rate Cutters
  3. How to Attract Millennial Listeners
  4. How to Rebuild Eroding Radio Audiences
  5. Creating the Morning Show of the Future
  6. Strategies to Eliminate the 3 Biggest Listener Objections to Radio
  7. How to Increase Time Spent Listening
  8. Dealing with Too Many Commercials
  9. How to Program to Shorter Attention Spans
  10. How to Deliver the Music Discovery Audiences Want
  11. How to do Digital Content That Makes Money
  12. Creating Fresh, New Formats
  13. Great New Options for AM Radio
  14. Podcasting as a Revenue Producer

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