11 Surprises That Will Shock the Radio Industry

It takes a lot to shock radio people these days, but I’m going to do it.

Things I’m hearing.

Intelligence from sources close to radio companies.

If these predictions come true – and you know our track record – 2015 will be full of surprises from out of left field.

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  1. News about a company that has been acquiring stations like crazy.
  2. About Lew Dickey’s shelf life left in radio in terms of years.
  3. Why you will be calling Alpha Broadcasting “The Leftovers”.
  4. If you think you know what’s going to eventually happen to AM radio, read this prediction first.
  5. A shocker about automated radio ad selling.
  6. What you don’t see coming now that almost every owner is trying to cut spot loads.
  7. A big CBS Radio syndication announcement.
  8. A prediction about Howard Stern.
  9. A surprise from Hubbard.
  10. One of the most eligible radio execs could stun the radio industry by taking over another group.

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