YouTube Is the New Radio

Radio is certainly having its trouble attracting new audiences and sustaining advertisers.

Satellite radio, as we mentioned recently, looks better on paper than it does in reality.

An expensive paid subscription service that provides less music discovery than, say, Spotify, is never going to gain traction with Millennials and the Gen Z youth that follow.

Network TV long ago lost its luster with young people who now define TV with the words “Netflix” or “Hulu”.

Times have changed and in the midst of that change is a major reordering of media priorities that cannot be ignored.

  • YouTube is the new radio – This is not sudden.  It’s been happening for many years now although you’d have to be watching teenagers to see the power of YouTube developing.  If you have children – teenagers – then you know YouTube is as potent an instrument as television was when it came on the scene.  But the fact that a video app can also be replacing radio takes a little further understanding.
  • A replacement for talk radio?
  • Pirate radio on YouTube
  • YouTube as a radio with no video
  • YouTube “stars” 
  • Where does this leave the future of radio when radio doesn’t have a competitive model for IP delivered audio?

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