Where Hubbard Will Strike Next

Why can’t Hubbard buy CBS Radio instead of Cumulus?

Hubbard is defying the big boys and growing the old fashioned way – through strategic acquisitions like the Sandusky purchase last week and Bonneville acquisition two years ago.

Now we’re learning the future plans of this radio group and how they will impact an industry fighting declining revenue and decrepit demographics.

The surprises ahead from Hubbard.

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  1. The markets Hubbard is eying – and three that they will avoid.
  2. The surprising number of years ahead in which their business plan calls for expansion.
  3. The real reason Hubbard didn’t buy the four remaining Bonneville markets.
  4. Regional preferences, FM vs. AM, and the one format they will never do again.
  5. And what radio people wonder!  Could two excellent broadcasters like Hubbard and CBS be married.

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