What’s New For Radio

  1. Amazon’s Alexa on Echo.
  2. Along with Apple CarPlay, Google Home and Android Audio reach 7% of our potential audience. Let’s figure this out, it’s important.
  3. Artificial intelligence – teens trust artificial intelligence (Siri, algorithms, Alexa, etc.) MORE than they trust media or humans. Solutions?
  4. Radio needs a “second stream” to counter TV’s “second screen”.
  5. Young people will reject anything radio does with commercials because it breaks the continuity. Wait! That’s how we monetize radio and streaming. Now what?
  6. 90% of car dealers’ radio ads don’t work and are a waste of money – new research.
  7. 68% of ALL local commercials are a waste of money according to new research but there is a way to make local commercials more effective.
  8. Being “unpredictable” is a major key to winning 18-34 year old Millennials – but radio is the most predictable medium of all. What to do?
  9. The station that cracks the “app code” for its content will be very successful with younger generations. Do you know what the “app code” is?
  10. Google’s unwillingness to protect advertisers from serving ads next to objectionable content (i.e., terrorist websites, porn, etc.) is an opportunity for radio but only with these changes.
  11. Student loans, jobs and dreams are central to winning Millennial audiences.
  12. 1 out of 5 minutes of all audio is happening on a smartphone.
  13. Podcasting is the way to reach them and yet radio accounts for only 1% of all podcast programs.

These are among the topics we will explore tomorrow at my Independent Radio Management Conference in Philadelphia.

And I can hardly wait to share Millennial powered sales ad promotions that big advertisers will support right now.

Learn about them and how to pitch them when we are together.

If these issues are as important to you as they are to many broadcasters, come to Philly on Wednesday – air, car, Amtrak (5 minutes from the station).

Invest from 9 to 4 pm tomorrow – Wednesday April 5 -- and we will start with what’s new, what’s working and what’s ahead.

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