What They Don’t Want You to Know About the Townsquare IPO

Sell Apple!

Buy Townsquare!

The crappy little company that couldn’t is going public.

For all the “thrills” and “excitement”, turn to your favorite free happy talk radio trade publication.

For the ugly truth about the fleecing that is coming, scroll down.

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  1. How will CEO Steven Price do an IPO with a company that is underperforming in radio and missed its digital goals by a ton.
  2. What prompted the panic move to go public now when no radio group will go there.
  3. Will Townsquare be sold as a digital play or as the third biggest owner of shitty little market stations.
  4. Why employees will now face two separate and giant layoffs rather than the one bloodbath that was planned.
  5. When the first mass firing begins and how the second one will be structured.
  6. After TS, which radio group goes public next.  I’m on a hot streak.

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