Townsquare Bloodbath

Townsquare is the new Clear Channel.

God knows we have enough Evil Empires in radio.

Signs are all pointing to a bloodbath at Townsquare.

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  1. What has gone so wrong with Townsquare’s game plan.
  2. Why employees who drank the TS Kool-Aid just two years ago are suddenly pissed – and worried.  Should they be?
  3. How did that 40% digital mandate by 2014 thing work out for Townsquare?
  4. How Townsquare is now firing just like Clear Channel – even using the same lame excuses.
  5. Why the company’s billing is in the toilet even though small market radio is outperforming the majors.
  6. Oh no!  How their principle investment bank is getting impatient.
  7. Oh yeah!  When does this all come down?

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