Top Radio Headlines A Year In Advance

Everyone else gets yesterday’s news today but YOU get to start the new year with the top radio headlines that will definitely happen up to a full year in advance this morning.

You know I have been deadly accurate in years past predicting mass layoffs to the exact day, company mergers that others thought were insanity and don’t forget when I said Citadel CEO Farid Suleman would be out even AFTER he just renewed a brand new contract.

So wait until you see what a shocking, crazy and self-destructive year is ahead for the radio industry.

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  1. Which radio group will be “shedding for a wedding” – an eye popper most people don’t see coming.
  2. What’s up with the 5 or 6 new formats that are coming from this top 5 radio group to decimate their live employees.
  3. Why Apple and Google getting into partnerships with automakers will lead to this fatal accident.
  4. The one big group that is going to start converting its radio stations early in the first quarter.
  5. Which top 5 radio group is on “death watch”.  You heard me, “death watch”.
  6. Which radio format and what daypart will go on hospice care this year.
  7. Which big name, high profile, arrogant and insensitive SOB of a radio CEO will likely be gone by 2017 – or likely, even SOONER. 

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