Tom Schurr’s Clear Channel Changes

Is it possible that a bigger dick is replacing John Hogan?  The Urban Dictionary defines a “dick” as an abrasive man.

Who don’t know that anyway?

But how BIG a dick are we talking about here?

Hogan will look like Dale Carnegie by the time Tom Schurr gets finished with the executions he will preside over for his new bosses.

I’ve got 5 chilling examples of what’s to come.

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  1. In the 5% budget cutback currently underway the old John Hogan would have fired people the old-fashioned way – drag them out of the station with a box of their belongings in their arms.  That’s humane compared to what’s coming.
  2. Why the “new” John Hogan will have more opportunities to come down hard on employees and their careers.
  3. The new Clear Channel tactic for demeaning people who don’t get fired – yet. 
  4. Over the top quotes from Tom Schurr from Clear Channel employees – get to know the man who will be running radio operations in his own words.
  5. Schurr’s new Ground Zero – regional markets. 

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