The Zimmerman Media Circus

Cable news and talk radio put on a clinic during the just ended George Zimmerman trial – a clinic on how not to program content for money demos.

They pandered and wound up with lots of old people while they turned off the audience they really needed.

Now, 5 things that talk radio should do right now to get its mojo back.

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  1. The one thing not to do if you want a shot at younger money demos.
  2. Revealed!  The change in your talk format that can make it listenable even to young people.  One thing.
  3. The way to handle commercials and stop sets without losing younger money demos.
  4. The way to handle Arbitron PeePee M ratings service that is killing talk audience estimates.
  5. And the proven way to attract 25-54 year olds in great numbers!  This never fails and no one is doing it.  You can go first.

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