The Station Listeners Really Want

It will have a morning show that has a woman lead and a new very different role for a man.

No traffic. None. Instead, choose from one of these three alternatives that they like better.

News. But not the way we used to do it or currently do it. Like Twitter.

Someone looking out for them. A station that fights injustice, complaints, rip-offs, etc.

A one-to-one relationship. They can’t have a relationship with voice tracking even if owners do.

Fun. A typical radio station comes off as hype by people who sound like they’re going to lose their jobs.

Homegrown personalities in EVERY time period like YouTube stars.

Better commercials. They’ll put up with more if they’re better and you might not be able to afford to reject lousy national commercials but bad local spots are on you.

The one commercial type that even Millennials like. No, love. And no station knows what it is let alone how to do it.

Commercials with more than one voice.

A digital strategy that has less to do with trying to be what a radio station is not (digital) and more like, naming a station “Alexa” and teaching listeners how to use the very popular Amazon Echo to have a real relationship with a real, live radio station.

Different playlists during different dayparts. We radio people are used to being one thing 24/7. Today’s audiences are much more eclectic.

Music you’ve never played before mixed in with the music you play.

Songs that are shorter because so many people 18-34 don’t listen to even their favorite songs all the way through.

A station that will help them find jobs – not as a promotion but an element of the station’s format.

Radio is the original SnapChat, the hottest thing in social media for hundreds of millions of people. A snap lasts ten seconds and disappears. What makes you think they don’t want a radio station that does great things and then disappears (no website replays).

A cause. Stations are often without soul. In the past, radio has appealed to anti-war, pro-civil rights, and women’s issues. Find the causes this generation cares about and wrap yourself in it.

And, the greatest contest ever devised by a radio station – “The station that helps you pay down your college loan”.

Imagine brainstorming these issues with other radio execs.

That’s where we’re going to go at my upcoming Media Solutions Lab April 5th in Philadelphia.

Reserve a seat and come away with …

  1. Why for the money demo, a woman is the best “morning man” and the new role for male companions. And how to find that most important person.
  2. Listeners get traffic on their phones; you’ll learn the three things that could be just as potent and just as marketable.
  3. How to do news so cool that it sounds like an audio Twitter – and what today’s audiences call news.
  4. How to create a listener’s advocate.  What issues do you get involved in and how do you sell it.
  5. A list of things you can do when you return to your station to encourage a one-to-one relationship with listeners.
  6. How to have fun on-air without seeming like phony radio – you’ll know what we know works.
  7. How to use YouTube stars as your guide to developing the next generation of on-air talent. Nothing is more desirable to 18-34’s than YouTube stars.
  8. How to make commercials so good that listeners will listen and act on them and you will reduce ad churn. No one does this better than MoreFM’s Jerry Lee and he’ll be there to show you how.
  9. You’ll learn the one commercial type that is never a tune out when done like this.
  10. How to get the jump on competitors by creatively interfacing with the super popular Alexa from Google (Alexa, the replacement for a physical radio that takes voice directions for all kinds of things.  Why not radio?).
  11. Ways to create different playlists for different dayparts – what that looks like.
  12. Options that work for listeners who increasingly will not even listen to their favorite songs all the way through.      
  13. How to build a program that helps listeners find jobs. It has been done successfully. Gained 700,000 cume in three months. The PD who did it will tell you.
  14. Ways you can make radio more like SnapChat, the popular app that lets users share content no longer than 10 seconds that disappears after it is heard. Why disappearing content is so important. How this will impact radio even if you choose to ignore the trend.
  15. Learn the most powerful causes that can make a radio station have real meaning to 18-34’s who are civic minded if they are anything.
  16. How to do “The stations that helps listeners pay down their college loans”. How it should sound. How it should NOT sound or you’re wasting your time and money. How to get it funded. And make a profit on top of it. All of it to take back with you.

That’s just a handful of things you will take away from my next Media Solutions Lab.

Not counting the ideas generated from our group brainstorming.

See the full Media Solutions Lab program here.

I can hardly wait to share these solutions with you in less than 7 weeks from now.

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