The Spot Overload Crisis

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  1. Compelling evidence that radio is unnecessarily driving even loyal listeners away.
  2. Let’s start with Beasley – you won’t believe what one of their Greater Media  stations was clocked at for spot overload recently.
  3. Which group has well exceeded 30 units per hour – and counting. 
  4. How sales starved groups are using trade to pump up revenue – and deceive their own investors.
  5. Pressure from Facebook and digital competitors is causing radio to take any ad at any price – here’s the percentage of how much digital is bleeding off the local radio spend.
  6. How radio is alarmingly following the magazine industry’s ad practices.
  7. A list of solutions – yes, there are ways to begin to put a stop to spot  excesses and raise local revenue even while being pressured by digitally-minded local agencies.  Some damn good alternatives.

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