The Noose Tightens on iHeart

By now everyone knows that iHeart is in big trouble – mostly from financial missteps but not limited to that.

Now, stunning revelations on how tight things are getting previously withheld from public view.

  • For example, what percentage of lenders has agreed to their debt exchange refinancing effort?
  • Which lender stood up to Bob Pittman’s playing the bankruptcy card and the ballsy thing they did.
  • The audacity of one lender to counter Pittman’s bankruptcy threat with this ploy.
  • The real likelihood that iHeart defaults into bankruptcy according to Wall Street investors – not what iHeart is threatening.
  • Why is iHeart spending like a drunken sailor when expenses are in record territory?
  • Why layoffs are being conducted even as Pittman commits hundreds of millions elsewhere – here are some examples.
  • How much cash does iHeart have on hand and is it an issue going forward.
  • And most importantly – what we know to date on an upcoming iHeart scandal that can totally rock the company.

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