The Next Cumulus Markets to be Sold

Not one of my current NYU students knows what WPLJ is.

It is true that they come from a generation that has never been without Napster, music piracy, iTunes, iPods and, of course, streaming.

So, they have no horse in the race that an iconic and technically superior radio signal is being sold off to Educational Media Foundation (EMF) to turn into a religious station.

I still can’t believe Mary Berner went there.

Selling WPLJ, all but eviscerating DC, trading stations with Entercom to cut costs.

Sure doesn’t sound like someone who wants to remain in the radio business.

And now, it appears the Cumulus auction is not finished and other markets may soon become available for purchase.

  • Which 2 markets are thought to be next?
  • Is EMF in the equation or are there other value buyers stepping forward?
  • What is the time frame for the next round of Cumulus station sales?
  • Why one of these markets will be a tough call because it is a cash cow that helps revenue but can get them a big payday – weighing the factors.
  • Are they done selling super signals like WPLJ – in other words, was PLJ a one-off?

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