The New Bad Ass CBS Radio

What’s going so-so wrong at CBS Radio?

Their CEO runs his mouth about potentially selling one-third of their radio stations while behind the scenes money people know the entire division could be for sale.

Notice that Les Moonves never denies that he might sell ALL the radio division because he runs a public company and could get slammed with a massive shareholder action if he lies.

Lately there are too many signs that say the once Tiffany radio group is acting more like Brother Love’s Traveling Salvation Show or as I like to call them -- Cumulus and Clear Channel.

Brutal employee treatment.

Hurtful employment polices.

Downright misleading messages to CBS Radio employees who are increasingly nervous about their future and the future of a once great radio company.

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  1. Latest graphic proof that CBS Radio is adopting Cumulus “FU” policies with employees.
  2. One CBS format better lookout – the bean cutters are coming after you big time in the next few months.
  3. Evidence that CBS is losing job candidates to other smaller companies because of corporate clusterf@#ks dragging their feet. I have a story to tell you.
  4. How Wall Street really interprets Les Moonves’ code language about selling off a significant part of radio.
  5. The CBS markets in for the biggest shock of all thinking they are safe from likely buyer Cumulus.
  6. How Cumulus could legally swallow up CBS stations when they already own too many in competing markets – there is a plan in place.
  7. Plus – a huge syndicated talent thought to be headed to CBS to replace local personalities after the first of the year.

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