Surprise 2nd Group Looking To Buy CBS Radio

This is so urgent Lew Dickey is learning about it while you are – right here, right now.

New details are emerging that there is a potential bidder seriously looking into buying CBS Radio so suddenly Cumulus now has no margin for error.

Are they running the price up or do they really want to buy CBS Radio?

Cumulus needs to bury its debt in a profitable company like CBS or Dickey’s in trouble.

Wait until you hear how advanced these talks are.

CBS employees:  Let us pray.

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  1. The first credible indication that a competitor has emerged to steal CBS Radio away from Cumulus.  No one will have this.
  2. These indications tell us the deal is on a fast track – here’s when it could be announced.
  3. There is a new price – sit down for this.
  4. How Lew Dickey himself may have inadvertently let the 2nd bidder into contention.
  5. The question everyone wants answered!  Is it a radio group or a media company looking to steal CBS Radio from Cumulus and is Cumulus still in the running?

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