Stop Defending Radio – Attack It

The crybabies who think if you criticize radio you don’t love it are doing more harm than good.

Where are our balls?

Where is our innovation?

Don’t just blame the consolidators who richly deserve plenty of it, look in the mirror and make a difference.

10 things you can do to shake radio awake.

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  1. The one strategy that would turn radio around on a dime – in fact, our competitors are already doing it.
  2. If you can fix only one thing on a radio station today, this move gets the most audience and revenue back.  One smart move.
  3. The most impressive digital strategy that will blow away all competitors because none of them do this.  Yet audiences crave it.
  4. What’s worse for audiences and advertisers than an 8-minute stop set – fix this and you’re printing money again.
  5. And, what everyone really wants to know:  Can good radio work in a world where venture capital-backed consolidators dominate.

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