Shitstorm Coming At Cumulus

Big time changes ahead.

In fact, as you’ll see, some are already in the midst of happening.

As sources familiar with the situation say they center around Lew and John Dickey.

Jan Jeffries.

Mike McVay.

Investors want less Dickey and more money.

It’s the perfect storm for a whopping shakeup ahead that will rock Cumulus to the root.

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  1. New controls over “Other” Brother John Dickey.
  2. Secret shakeup – it is unthinkable that this one Cumulus big wig will now have to report to the new radio president that the board is forcing Lew Dickey to hire after a national executive search.
  3. John Dickey now has to get board approval to do this – previously he had carte blanche.
  4. Jan Jeffries – finally, what’s going on with this albatross who is married to a Dickey.
  5. If Cumulus employees have made it this far, will their jobs be safer under the board mandated changes now being put into effect?

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