Secret Plans of Radio Owners

Six of the biggest radio operators have secret plans they are working on right now.

Big change is coming.

More cutbacks and firings – I have a time frame.

Here’s what I am hearing from sources close to the situation about the startling things radio’s biggest companies are working on.

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  1. What the top priority is for CBS Radio.
  2. How and where Cumulus intends to lay the groundwork this year for massive firings to reduce costs.
  3. The shocking non-radio move CEO Bob Pittman is reportedly considering behind the scenes.  Plus a timetable for their next big “layoff” (I called it to the day last November) and the kind of station Clear Channel is likely to actually sell.
  4. Townsquare is on alert – here’s why.
  5. What Entercom is up to after being quiet for years.
  6. Pandora’s next move that targets radio owners.

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