Scott Shannon’s Payback to the Dickeys

Scott Shannon is about to teach us a valuable lesson in dealing with the Dickeys.

He’s ready to resurface in a way that will make John Dickey wish he had been negotiating with Jillian Barberie.

It’s not nice to humiliate a very proud ratings gorilla in public in front of his legions of fans.

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  1. Who Shannon was negotiating with before Cumulus forced him to “retire” from mornings on WPLJ.
  2. Where I am hearing Shannon will land – a big gig that would haunt the Dickeys forever. 
  3. The 4 things Shannon is doing that abused radio people should also be doing to fight back.  I’d take notes.
  4. How Shannon is standing up to this favorite impediment that the Dickeys like to use to hurt talent they discard.
  5. What everyone who has ever worked for Cumulus wants to know!  How do you beat these guys at their own game – his formula.

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