Rumor: Cumulus Cancelling Employment Contracts

They should cancel Lew and John Dickey’s since they are screwing up the company so badly, but no ---

Word is that under pressure Cumulus has to be more nimble in the year ahead.

Secret strategizing now going on.

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  1. The big changes that are planned for Cumulus – the biggest ones ever.
  2. The reported detonation date that can make an already nervous workforce more skittish.
  3. If you have an employment contract or non-compete with Cumulus this may directly affect you.
  4. How Cumulus seems to be preparing for either an asset sale or purchase – my best thinking on which one.
  5. Why you should not hold your breath waiting for that new non-Dickey operations exec to be hired.
  6. Layoffs – of course, but different.

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