Registration Starts Today for My New Radio Conference

It’s about new radio – the kind of innovative things operators who plan to stay in business and thrive would want to do.

Nothing in the curriculum for companies teetering on the brink of bankruptcy or lost in the stupidity of consolidation.

Of all the conferences I have done – and I’ve done a lot since the 1990s, this one has more new and emerging topics and developing trends hitting all at one time.

The only thing that would have been better would be if radio’s Ronda Rousey (Mary Berner) fought me in a heavyweight match – you know, why are you changing the Cumulus culture without changing the people who ruined it type of thing.

It would be the Thrilla in Philla.

Actually, she has some interesting ideas about guaranteeing results for advertisers that I like, but …

And as you’ll see below, one of radio’s bravest researchers, Richard Harker, is joining me in a live session along with Premiere talk show host Sean Hannity.

Turns out Harker had the balls to do a study of existing PPM technology vs. Voltair in one of Hannity’s major markets and discovered that Hannity’s show and probably all spoken word radio shows are being robbed blind of listeners who are actually listening but not being credited by Nielsen PPM.

As is my custom from teaching rambunctious students as a professor at USC, you, too, will be able to join that discussion and drill down to some real insights with Richard and Sean.

Oh, one more thing.

If you think that this listener inequity just applies to spoken word, you’re going to be surprised – no, horrified – to see how other certain music formats are also getting the shaft.

Friends like Nielsen radio doesn’t need.

So there’s that and also some ways to circumvent the audience inequities beyond just buying a Voltair machine.

One more thing and then I’ll let you have at the curriculum below.

This topic of audience gender neutrality that is on the docket is going to be big. Gender norms are changing. Audiences expect media outlets to be friendly to their new expectations and yet 100% of America’s radio stations are still stuck in the 60’s when it comes to relating to new generations of listeners.

And now add gender disruption of the magnitude that I am projecting.

We’ve had pre-registrations from anxious radio people looking to reserve a seat and lock in the best rate. We price the seats like American Airlines. Oh no, I shouldn’t have said that.

Okay, let’s just say we pressure the inventory. Hey, your station should be doing the same thing to maximize your rate.

Anyway, what could be nicer than Philadelphia in the spring and a select group of radio people who aren’t planning on going out of business and want to take back the radio industry.

Or to quote Donald Trump – this could be “you-ge”.

It would be an honor to work face-to-face with you if you can reserve the date – April 6th.

Now, the curriculum.

Deliver What Millennial Audiences Want By Being Relentlessly Authentic

Music's Now a Commodity Like Ketchup -- What to Do

On Contesting:  Don't Offer Cash, Offer Dreams

Blowing Up Your Station and Building a Content Model

The Big Audience Issue of 2016 – Gender Neutrality

Kill the 8-Minute Stop Set Before it Kills You – Alternatives

Radio's Future:  Target Younger, Not Older (Older Adopts Anyway, Later)

Talk to Millennial Audiences the Way You Tweet

We're Doing it All Backwards Programming Stations Instead of Targeting Audiences

Radio's Real Competitor is Not Another Station or Internet Service, it's User Generated Content

On TSL: Short Attention Spans Are Your Friend -- Kill Long Music Sweeps, Don't Play Songs All the Way Through, Program More Interruptions to Feed A.D.D.

The Best Way to Raise Rates is to Create Premium Content

Over 100 Million Listeners Are Available But Radio Programs to 70 Million “Unavailables”

A Sweeper is a Self-Inflicted Wound to Your Audience -- What's Better

Divorce Your Digital Do Radio Separately Then Restart As Short-Form Video 

If Stations Are Making Most of Their Money From Spot Sales Then They Are Missing 7 Revenue-Ready Innovations

Consider New Forms of Revenue Such as Subscriptions and Product Placement

Radio Must Create Binge Content Like Netflix -- Audiences Demand It

Someday Radio May Not Exist, Plan For the Future

How Certain Music and Spoken Word Formats Can Get Their Fair Credit From Nielsen
Researcher Richard Harker and Premiere Talk Show Host Sean Hannity join Jerry live and in-person. Harker reveals the huge audience loss Hannity’s show took in a major market research project he conducted when Nielsen PPM was compared to Voltair. Which other formats are punished by existing PPM technology? Is Nielsen’s Voltair alternative the answer – and is everything good again? Attendees will join the discussion.

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