Ratting Out Nielsen Ratings

If you only knew what is going on behind the scenes at Nielsen Audio Ratings at a time when radio is losing 3% of its revenue (Source RAB, 2nd Q 2014).


You do.

Here it is from ad agency and radio execs and Nielsen’s own employees.

What Nielsen doesn’t want anyone to know.

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  1. Finally!  How many ratings months it takes for a stable Nielsen ratings number – from the mouth of a Nielsen executive.  This is insane.  You won’t believe it.
  2. How Nielsen is reportedly targeting only high usage radio households for placing meters – and the rating numbers still suck. 
  3. Why TV owners are putting the brakes on LPMs outside the top 20 markets – but radio is headed for the full treatment.
  4. Every other medium gets one important break that radio does not – here it is.
  5. Ever wonder what the real response rate is for meters – don’t guess anymore.
  6. And this low level standard that constitutes a response.

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