Radio’s Unnoticed Competitor

Not an app.

Not another radio station competitor.

Not Pandora, Spotify, Apple or any streaming music service.

Not podcasting for damn sure.

Certainly not a pure play stream.

Not social media.

Not even YouTube.

Radio’s potent new competitor is heating up under the radar with 95 million Millennials and yet while we’re off running stations the old way with sweepers, no commercials, too many commercials and everything in between, this new documented competitor is more dangerous than anything we have seen before.

So here is how to get ahead of it …

  • How to not just guard against this killer competitor but how to turn it around in your favor.
  • Creating the first Millennial radio station guaranteed to beat the hell out of recycled and tired music and talk formats.
  • How to keep this new threat away from media ad budgets because radio doesn’t need to have its share of the revenue pie shared with a hot new competitor.
  • What if I showed you a way to get Millennials to do exactly what they did when they took an app called Trivia Crack to 130 million users without the help of the owners? That’s what I am about to do.
  • Getting Millennials to tell you how to handle huge commercial loads and how to deal with music sweeps.

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