Radio’s Horniest Buyers

There’s EMF and then who?

EMF’s vast religious broadcasting empire is buying up great radio properties these days for low, low prices because so many stations are for sale.

Brokers list 7 radio groups as potential solid buyers even as radio revenue declines.

The current multiple times cash flow that will be used to price the stations is different.

And it’s interesting that timing is everything but especially in buying or selling a radio station – that “sweet spot” has recently changed, too.

  • There are 7 buyers for radio who are hot to own more stations (not counting Lew Dickey) – here are their chances to expand.
  • The radio group that will pick around the edges and the one loaded with cash that’s under the radar.
  • Why the majority of sellers can’t take even a good offer these days.
  • The up-to-the-minute going multiples for radio acquisitions according to financial experts – broken down into small, medium and major markets.
  • The $103.5 million Cumulus/EMF giveaway – is that the new normal?

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