Radio Merger Matchups

There is no way out for radio owners.

Radio industry revenues are declining every year.

This year when 2012 numbers are tallied, an industry breakeven will have the happy talk trade press gushing.

Analysts are already predicting a 5% decline in radio industry revenue for 2013.  So if you could manage to cut that down to -2% or breakeven, you’d be doing great.

That’s not a growth industry and as pained as it makes me to say it, radio has seen its finer day.

But don’t take it from me because the major radio groups already know this.

The next big thing is mergers.

Merger of equals.

Merger of unequals.

Just merge with anyone to bury the debt and go big.

You may not want to believe that the radio industry is going to see more consolidation but it’s going to happen even without changes in the Telecommunications Act.

This is a big deal.

And it may begin by the end of 2013 and certainly in 2014.

Once radio groups start merging, those that remain won’t want to be the last one out.

Let’s look at the potential matchups.

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  1. How many mega media companies might be interested in buying Bob Pittman’s media + entertainment company.  I’ve counted 3.
  2. Does Cumulus have another merger option other than CBS Radio.
  3. What might the new owners of SiriusXM like to put with their newly acquired satellite radio company.
  4. Could Barry Diller buy a radio company – I’ve got the surprising one I think he’d jump at.
  5. Which non-radio and TV companies are potential owners of a radio group at the right price.  Keep an eye on these two big merger possibilities.
  6. Why – suddenly – are buyers interested in radio groups that are losing money. 

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