Preview Clear Channel’s New Culture Change

Now that that son of a bitch John Hogan is out, Clear Channel will be a kinder, gentler company – or so Bob Pittman is spinning it.

It is more of a diaper change than a culture change because as you’re about to learn Pittman’s newly-assembled MTV/Time Warner mafia is about to try some pretty scary Sh#t.

All kidding aside, you’re not going to like what Pittman has won approval from his owners to do with Clear Channel.

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  1. Who is the new John Hogan because no matter what Bob Pittman says publicly he is not going to be doing Hogan’s dirty work.  Meet John Hogan v.2 with stories of just how bad his replacement is.
  2. Why Pittman needs to spin the surprise firing of Hogan as a culture change.
  3. What about that 5-year contract extension for “The Eye in the Sky” along with private plane and all – that means Pittman will be around for the next 5 years, right? 
  4. Red Flag!  Pittman’s war on the regional markets – he will handle the majors, but look what he has in store for the regionals. 
  5. Pittman’s so-called “attack plan” that was leaked in a secret email about a week ago – it’s loaded and ready to go.  Here it is.

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