Pittman Orders 11 Monthly Clear Channel Cuts

Rolling cutbacks every month until the end of the year.

Big numbers.

It turns out Bob Pittman was just warming up with that 0.5% one-time early January cutback.

Market managers are under the gun.

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  1. How much even markets that are turning a profit now have to cut back every month – that’s right, every month – in expenses.  Eye-popping numbers.
  2. How it could be even more if local clusters continue losing money -- Market managers are up in arms.
  3. Which markets are exempt. 
  4. Where these drastic monthly cutbacks will come from.
  5. The unbelievable order Pittman is threatening to issue to all Clear Channel market managers that would in effect cut off their private parts.  He’s serious.
  6. Why Clear Channel’s new rate plans will guarantee no one makes their bonuses producing in effect yet another way to save money. 
  7. Payback?  Someone is now watching Pittman’s every move for the owners.  The new man pressuring Pittman.

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