Paid Content Is King

Paid and premium channels cleaned up at the Emmys Sunday night.

Free radio listening and advertising continues in free fall.

Free has become another word for warmed over and worth what you’re paying for it – nothing.

So what should free media do, give up?

Hell, no. 

Here are action steps that can make all the difference.

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  1. What free TV needs to do to compete with Netflix, HBO and premium cable channels that are pursuing a new strategic plan.
  2. Reality shows and quiz shows are out because younger money demos don’t watch them, but there is one thing so addictive, even a snarky Gen Y can’t resist it.
  3. Radio can cut anywhere it wants, but here’s where to put the money to finally give it a chance to compete head-on with digital competitors.  One, sure way that younger money demo listeners actually crave. 
  4. Radio needs to create digital content that is unlike anything any station is currently doing – you have never seen this action plan but you will love it.
  5. The perils of social media where users are pulling back – how not to go down with Twitter and Facebook if you use social media.

It’s worth it!  You can’t get honest and insightful media information like this anywhere else. Thousands of members are all in.  Unlock this story and see for yourself.

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