Now THIS Is Digital Revenue

Radio’s down 3%, but digital is up double digits.

Radio is doing the wrong digital.

If you have limited resources and have to do only ONE thing to hit that critical double digit figure at your station, this is it.

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  1. It’s Nash t-shirts!  I kid – it’s a compact digital content project that can be done on a shoestring budget.
  2. How to monetize these projects to make the big money – it’s very different but you can do it.
  3. The one mistake you don’t want to make – this is worth its price in gold.
  4. How to put your radio experience to better use in digital.
  5. By the way, the startling revenue figure Cumulus country sensation Nash FM is reportedly making in New York City – if this doesn’t get you to follow this 6-point blueprint, nothing will.

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