Nothing Is Killing Radio Audiences Like This

What’s killing radio audiences?

It’s not unbearable 8-minute commercial clusters twice an hour – although that, too.

Not the repetitive music that young listeners dislike.

Not even the lack of popular personalities although audiences still relate to radio more by personality than station brand.

This radio audience killer is right under the noses of station owners and they can’t even see it.

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  1. The number one way stations are losing audience and it has nothing to do with digital competition.
  2. Entire program formats could be wiped out – we name three endangered species.
  3. What’s worse – owners are inadvertently paying to destroy their own stations by not recognizing this danger.
  4. How to stop unknowingly killing off your own audience using these steps.
  5. How unintended audience loss like this will escalate within the next two years.

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