Nielsen’s Overnight Ratings

The CEO of Media Monitors is selling the benefit of their new overnight Nielsen ratings like this:

“We found that the number of quarter hours increased toward the close down of WPLJ on Friday. This was due to more panelists tuning in more often just to hear the swan song of that station.”

Philippe Generali was talking about those high-interest final hours of broadcasting for the iconic WPLJ in New York before it switched to religion.

Why suddenly measure overnights – turns out there is an answer for this and a lot of radio stations are not going to like it.

How this move has little to do with radio as we know it – it’s a sly move with another end in mind.

Even the planned name for Nielsen overnight’s is not going to be called Nielsen Overnight giving a revelation of what this move portends.

With radio groups and stations trying to cut expenses, why is Nielsen and Media Monitors trying to sell them something else at this sensitive time?

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