Next Blockbuster Move For CBS Radio

What’s a company with NO debt doing acting like a company with almost $21 billion in red ink?

Slashing jobs across their group just two weeks before Christmas like, well … like, The Evil Empire itself.

There is no putting lipstick on this pig.

Bigger changes are on the way.

Here’s why CBS employees are so nervous.

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  1. What happens next – and it’s going to be ugly.
  2. What’s up at corporate leading to this major turnaround in operational strategy – a longtime exec breaks it down.
  3. Why CBS feels so confident that it can dare to tamper with its sales efforts in a flat industry by firing many account execs this week.
  4. What about Dan Mason and his team.
  5. All the details on CBS’ Plan B – an unprecedented strategy that to my knowledge has never been tried before by a major radio group.
  6. At least, are the iconic CBS on-air brands safe?

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