New Ways Clear Channel Fires

Clear Channel has now adopted a quarterly RIF cycle.

They can still fire anyone they choose, but they are becoming obsessed with creating a reason even if it is trumped up.

Now The Evil Empire has 5 more ways to screw employees before, during and even after they get the axe.

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  1. Why it has become so important to Clear Channel to create a reason to fire a person whether legitimate or not.
  2. The way they now blindside employees who have worked for them for more than a few years.
  3. How they can determine the absolute worst possible time to fire an employee – and then go right ahead and pull the trigger.  Cruel examples that border on pathetic.
  4. Non-competes from hell – take them or leave them but if you leave them you’re screwed in these two ways.
  5. The kiss of death compliment Clear Channel has now started using to reassure employees – a corporate phrase that you never want to hear from a supervisor because it means you’re next.

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