Netflix Not Networks

CBS is one day away from pulling all its programs off of Time Warner Cable in New York, Los Angeles and Dallas.

Fox News makes over $1 billion a year in fee compensation before it even sells one ad.

And I’m here to tell you it all doesn’t matter anymore.

Content is no longer king, it’s a pawn to a new generation.

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  1. The mistake you should never make as a content provider – the networks, cable companies and video streamers are making it right now.
  2. The model for content in the future is – believe it for not – cherry picking for low fees (the iTunes model).
  3. How radio is becoming more of a utility and less of a content provider – wrong time to do it.
  4. The model for content providers that is starting to work now and the one you should adopt.
  5. And the big elephant in the room!  What should TV and radio broadcasters be doing to not become so hopelessly irrelevant.

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