My Dickey Is Bigger Than Yours

Here is how Seeking Alpha, the crowd-sourced content service for financial markets sees the future of Cumulus:

“Cumulus Media sinks to a 52-week low as sentiment remains weak on the broadcaster ever since it reported Q4 results earlier in the month”.

And despite CEO Lew Dickey’s spin about how great the company is, there now are two Cumulus’.

At $2.68 a share the stock is the lowest it has been since November of 2012 when it closed at $2.47.

Like in One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest, people are more afraid of what mind-numbing move radio’s Nurse Ratched (Lew Dickey) will do next than they are of Cumulus going bankrupt which is now a real possibility.

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  1. Okay, what’s the real story of sloppy seconds with the hiring of former Clear Channel manager Tom Schurr.
  2. And what the hell is the thinking behind hiring Pierre Bouvard to turn around their slumping billing.
  3. Does the hiring of all those CBS execs in the past month mean their merger with CBS is getting closer.
  4. What’s up with Lew’s plan to punish employees for not making their numbers.
  5. Who did ex-employees describe as “the ruthless, heartless asshole” that is coming to take them away.
  6. What’s to become of Dan Bennett, the manager overseeing Dallas and Houston who is arguably the best Cumulus manager.

The answers begin here.

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