Master Digital Media

2013 is the year that you must master digital media to be viable, employable and prosperous.

The answers are not going to find you.

You are going to have to go after the answers.

That’s why the next Media Solutions Lab January 30th at The Phoenician Resort in Scottsdale, AZ is a meaningful refresher for digital media in the year ahead.  It is the most comprehensive, up-to-the-minute source of reliable information for the changing radio, media, digital and music industries.

Our mission is to provide those facing the many challenges ahead with authoritative, cutting edge information to not just survive in changing times, but to thrive.

The Media Solutions Lab is an all-day interactive learning experience in which the teacher and the taught together do the teaching.

It begins Wednesday, January 30th with a complimentary breakfast; 9am class starts.  Jerry Del Colliano presents the emerging trends for 2013 and then delivers the answers to key issues (listed below) that will be so critical to your success.  A complementary lunch is served at The Phoenician 12 noon.  “Visiting professors” join Jerry in the afternoon.  Complimentary breaks are offered all day.

Then the next morning, Thursday, January 31st, is the optional Next Day Big Ideas roundtable breakfast where Jerry shares the best new thinking that will help you achieve your personal and business goals in 2013.  A complimentary buffet breakfast is served.

Jerry will also be meeting with attendees who want additional private time.

Here’s a preview of what you will get at the Media Solutions Lab:

  • New evidence that you can now slow the decline of radio audiences and revenues by making a few strategic moves.  One actually improves PPM ratings at the same time it commands premium rates from media buyers. 
  • The biggest digital threat to traditional media in 2013 – not streaming, not mobile, not apps, not websites.  It’s critical to know and you will.
  • Increase the effectiveness of advertising by 80% to double billing even in a soft economy.  You’ll hear Sensory Logic’s Dan Hill outline the plan he put together for Jerry Lee’s B101, Philadelphia.  And, boy, is that making money.
  • Two new digital strategies that should be added to all media proposals in 2013.  Irresistible, easy to implement digital packages worth investing in now.
  • What are the most effective new social media strategies.  Twitter and Facebook are the wrong direction of where social networking is headed. Hear this and you’ll chart the right direction.
  • How to disrupt your radio station before a traditional or digital competitor does.  If you take only one blueprint away from this year’s conference, make it this one.
  • 5 great new businesses you can start in 2013.  All with clearly defined paths to monetization.
  • The biggest on-air promotion that can attract lost listeners.  Not trips.  Not cars.  Not even money.  Finally -- the PPM-friendly radio promotion that hooks listeners.
  • The importance of rebranding in the digital age.  We’ll show you how to stop building your brand around what’s on your station and rebrand it around what your station stands for.
  • Why the biggest popular music hit of 2012 involved little to no radio airplay.  You will reconsider how you choose music and how to play it.
  • Think “clicks” are so important to digital media?  Hear the latest evidence and you’ll think again.  Learn what blows away “clicks” when making proposals to media buyers.
  • The awesome power of “Two Voices”.  New research shows that two voices are more popular than one and more effective for entertainment and commercials. 
  • How to attract the next generation – 80 million strong.  You could be turning them off instead of engaging new fans.  Morley Winograd, an expert on the next generation shares opportunities you will not want to miss.
  • Become an expert at video or be left behind.  The new rules for video, the space your brand must dominate in the next 12 months.
  • How to take an insurance policy out on your career.  The skills you will need to make you indispensible in the new age of digital media. 

The most important decision you will make about your ability to be viable in this era of great change requires investing just 1 day to guarantee success in the coming year.

Less than 2 weeks left until the 2013 Media Solutions Lab. 

The current discount is ending so if you’ve been thinking about going after the answers for the digital future, you’ll want to reserve your seat today.

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