Major Revelation: How Clear Channel Decides Who To Fire

A smoke and mirror act has been going on during the current 7% workforce reduction at Clear Channel.

Corporate is making it look like the decision on whom to fire is coming from local managers, but we’ve learned that the list was prepared and even dictated from on-high.

Useful information because, we’re sorry to say, Clear Channel is preparing for yet another large force reduction in the next three months.

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  1. The way the layoff list is now prepared and how the firings will be implemented.
  2. These 3 things will almost always get talent fired now and in the future at Clear Channel.
  3. The closest thing to job security for on-air people.
  4. A different and contradictory set of rules is emerging for how and when to fire sales managers – the astounding evidence.
  5. The answer to the question how deep can consolidators like Clear Channel and Cumulus go before the layoffs let up.  It will surprise you.

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