iHeart to Build 150 Identical Office/Studios Nationwide

If you still don’t believe that Bob Pittman is as serious as an iHeart-attack to eliminate the expenses related to local radio, maybe this will help.

First, he pulled the trigger on over 1,000 “dislocations”.

Now he plans office and studio “relocations” that are so important to their plan that they are greenlighting them in certain markets.

But all markets will reportedly get these 150 cookie-cutter office/studios on a time schedule that is very ambitious and dependent on the peculiarities of some clusters.

By the end of this year after more “relocations” are forced on employees, we will also get a look at what the physical iHeart station of the future will look like.

It’s important because all the other radio groups that tend to adopt iHeart tactics will be eying it up as well.

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