How the Internet Impacts Radio Time Spent Listening

Lori Lewis and Chadd Callahan’s outstanding annual collaboration “This Is What Happens In An Internet Minute” gives an accurate and sobering snapshot of how we – and our audiences – live in the digital world.

Interestingly, Nielsen either doesn’t have or will not release radio listening statistics to offer a comparison.

There are trends that are important – some of them startling:

  • The state of concerns about privacy based on actual metrics.
  • Is Facebook fading?
  • The first real read on Stories, the Instagram feature that owner Facebook bet heavily on in which users can easily produce their own content.
  • Paid subscriptions for video, audio and music – how does this vie for consumer attention.
  • The relationship between consumers and their smart devices.
  • Attitudes about bots and building stronger relationships with our friends.

Radio used to compete with TV and maybe one or two other mediums. 

Here’s what the competition for attention looks like every 60 seconds in the era of social media and mobile connectivity.

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