High Advertiser Churn

Even stations with high ratings and great sales professionals are having a hard time keeping up with the loss of advertisers – it makes for a bumpy ride at a turbulent time.

Here’s a preview of a presentation being conducted by MoreFM, Philadelphia Chairman Jerry Lee at the upcoming Media Solutions Conference on how to make advertisers’ campaigns so successful, they re-up, not leave.

High Advertiser ChurnWith Jerry Lee

  • The one small change when recording local spots that triple their effectiveness.
  • Quick!  What’s more effective for a local advertiser – a male voice or female voice?  If you’re not dead sure, be in Philly April 5th.  The research on this is startling.
  • How to respond to an ad industry survey of 5,000 radio campaigns that found 68% of the local advertising campaigns were a waste of money.  See the main reason and nip it in the bud.
  • The “sweet spot” for agencies and advertisers with money to invest in radio that 3 out of 4 radio campaigns are missing – you no longer will.
  • Believe this!  It is possible to cut advertising churn down to virtually nothing with techniques being used by Jerry Lee’s MoreFM right now (a perennial top biller in the market).
  • Get around rate dropping competitors.  Let them get stuck with the cheap rates with lots of giveaways and bonuses.  Here’s how you get the PREMIUM rate. 
  • The best resource for testing local advertising copy.  Plug in.  Get started.

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In less than one day, more useful ideas and strategies to meet radio’s challenges.

April 5, 2017 at the Hub Conference Center in Philadelphia – 20 minutes from the airport, 5 minutes from Amtrak

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