Hannity Fires Cumulus

Sean Hannity gave Cumulus CEO Lew Dickey a taste of his own medicine.

He fired Cumulus.

Rejected an offer to extend his contract.

And, according to sources, said the company treats its employees “like dirt, shit, sub-human”. 


Dickey may have finally met his match.

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  1. How Cumulus is sending apparent surrogates out to smear the reputation of their most popular and profitable talk show host.
  2. Clear Channel’s secret counter plan to wipe up the floor with Cumulus after they get negotiating rights back for Hannity.
  3. Disturbing new details about Rush Limbaugh.
  4. How this blowup affects stations carrying Rush Limbaugh who is tied to Clear Channel along with Hannity.
  5. You won’t believe who Cumulus wants to put on their talk stations instead of Sean Hannity.  You won’t believe it, but it’s true.
  6. Finally!  A popular radio personality who has Lew Dickey by the balls over this one issue – The Dickey’s Achilles Heel.

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