Hamburger Helper & Radio

General Mills is changing the name of its very popular and lucrative “Hamburger Helper” to just “Helper”.

No more Tuna Helper or Chicken Helper.

One product, a new name and lower operating expenses.

Same with the radio industry.

Competing against Hamburger Helper radio.

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  1. The thinking behind changing brand names when the public is comfortable with the old name. 
  2. The reason why companies like General Mills, Radio Shack and many media companies are hell bent to re-launch popular products and services.
  3. The way Clear Channel got caught rebranding a news bulletin when the George Zimmerman verdict came in to make it appear as if iHeartRadio was doing the news.  You’ll laugh until you cry.
  4. The best mission for a radio format in the digital era – this one thing can transform your station against mistakes of the evil empires.
  5. What everyone is wondering!  How to stick it to your competitor’s for making rebranding mistakes.

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