Greedy Bastards Killing Radio Rates

They can’t make their quarterly numbers so they don’t want you to make yours.

An orchestrated plan.

Secretly tested in the last three weeks of June.

Thanks to moles familiar with this tactic first hand who are now safely in our Witness Protection Program we know how they are making revenue appear out of thin air at the expense of their competitors.

I’m exposing the greedy bastards because this really will hurt radio.

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  1. How it worked in beta testing.
  2. The new take anything attitude spreading to infect solid radio markets.
  3. Most effective way competitors can foil this kind of rate killing.
  4. A big advertiser caught in the act of prostituting radio rates thanks to Clear Channel.
  5. The ad agencies that now specialize in driving radio rates down in markets everywhere.
  6. Worse yet, even good radio companies are getting desperate – we out them, too.

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